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Nice words, nice people.

Find out how some of our clients have found their experience with Avodah. Watch this space for some video testimonials!

Why Avodah

We’re Creative

Our business is a creative collaboration. We are all about new, fresh ideas and thinking outside the box. We love to push the boundaries and find new contemporary ways to communicate through visuals.

In-Sync Husband and Wife Team

We work not only subtly but seamlessly together to ensure your wedding day goes as smooth as possible. You need your visual practitioners to compliment each other to ensure you recieve the best cover of your day.


We have the unique ability of being able to combine photography, video and design skills to help cater for all of the key visuals at your wedding.

Effecient Workflow + Fast Delivery

We follow an effective workflow to ensure the highest quality is achieved while working in a realistic time frame. For wedding this means you can expect to have your images within 10 days!

Our Heart is People

Our heart is for people. We have your best interest in mind and seek to provide you with exactly what you need. Our jobs allows us to do cool things, for great people!

We're Friendly

We absolutely love working with clients to deliver a product or services that caters to their needs. And for us, it's about relationship; building connections and growing friendships.