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Photography + Video

We love using film to create a fusion piece. Fusion is the combination of photography and video, mixing frozen moments in time with glimpses of motion and movement.

Fusion captures your day differently to conventional videography or standalone photography. It is a beautiful blend of both photography and video that tells your story in a remarkable way, making your most precious memories unforgettable. Fusion pieces form a highlights reel rather than a feature presentation allowing for you to share and reflect on the most significant parts of the day. The final piece will be 5-8 minutes in length, capturing the essence of your day in a way that can be shared with your loved ones for many years to come.

For only an extra $200 you will receive a film and images that capture both of you in a truly beautiful way. We will record what you guys love about each other and ask a few questions that will represent this milestone in your lives remarkably.

For examples of fusion, please follow the link:

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