Artwork Sizing

Selecting the
proper size portrait

Our clients love to select one high impact or statement portrait that showcases their family and can be displayed in an area of their home where they can enjoy seeing it daily. We always advise our clients to choose areas in their homes where they ‘live’ the most, but also where others will see their portrait!

Once you have selected your favourite image, the second most important decision you’ll make will be the appropriate portrait size for your wall. There are three main considerations for that decision.

1. Room Size: Consider where the portrait might hang. Is the ceiling height 2.4 meters or 4.6 meters? How large is the wall and the room? Can you see it from 5 meters away? These factors play a large role in determining the best size. Your family room, formal living or dining room, the foyer as you enter your home, all are very popular choices for where to hang portrait art.

2. Face size: Seeing everyone’s expression is very important. For an average size room, with a viewing distance of 2 - 4 meters, a face height of at least 4” to 6” is recommended. Any smaller and expressions are lost, and you won’t get the viewing pleasure you deserve.

3. Viewing distance will also determine portrait size. Again, we recommend face sizes in the portraits to be at least 6” based on an average viewing distance of eight to ten feet.

Artwork Size

How to determine the sizing

In this example, we show your statement piece over a chair for illustrative purposes. You may also consider a large family portrait over a mantle, a bed, or a table unit. The same concept to determine the canvas size will apply.

1. Measure your couch to determine its total length. Most three seater couches are at least 2 meters wide.

2. A horizontal (or square) focal piece of art portrait should be at least 50-75% as wide as the couch it hangs above. For example, if your couch is 80 inches wide (2 meters), choose a portrait that is at least 40 inches wide.

3. Many people hang art too high. Be sure to center your portrait of the wall space above the couch, with the bottom edge of the frame approximately 6 to 9 inches above the back.

4. Most clients enjoy the contemporary look of our gallery wrap canvases, and they are a great value because they do not require glass and framing. However if you will be hanging a large print, please allow an additional 3-6 inches around the portrait for a custom frame.

5. If you can’t decide on just one statement portrait, consider a grouping of smaller portraits and space them 2-3 inches apart. Just make sure the overall space you cover is at least 70% of the width of the wall area. Avodah can show you more ideas for wall galleries, which work well in smaller areas.

Framing Size

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