Wedding Photo + Cinema
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Why you should book photo + cinema
through the same company

The photographer wants to shoot the best possible imagery while the videographer wants to capture the best possible footage. This means when the pressure is on, the other individuals tend to prioritise their service above the other. Through using the same company, you align the business priorities and both teams are incentivised to create the best combined product.
With our Fusion Collections, more time is spent in planning, there is more effective communication and we all coordinate better shots, together. In addition to this, we share the same common vision and style making the end result a beautiful piece of art.

Why Avodah?

Capture the finer details

Our wedding photography and videography gives you complete cover. A film of genuine, beautiful moments and as they happen mixed with our ability to capture them in the most epic way possible. By providing both of these services we can create a consistent documentation of your day!


We have spent a lot of time developing our style to ensure you are getting a truely polished, consistent, end-result. In addition to this, we are confident that we can work in any weather condition. Our photo and cinema services use the same colour presets and same style of shooting to ensure you receive a beautiful piece of art.


In the pre and post-wedding stages, it means the company can work more efficiently, improving workflows and therefore decreasing the cost involved.