High Performing Home Video Solution
High Performing Home Photo and Video
26 March
Project Details Client: Maple Fern Homes Date: March 26, 2020 Online: www.maplefernhomes.co.nz/ The need for a healthy home is becoming
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Educational Videography Solution
Massey University
26 February
Project Details Client: Massey University Date: February 26, 2020 Online: www.massey.co.nz Over the last few years, businesses have been moving
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Website Photography Solution
Semtex Website Photos
26 November
Project Details Client: Semtex Date: November 26, 2019 Online: www.semtex.co.nz/ In partnership with Webtech, we went onsite with Semtex to
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New Build Videography Solution
House Of The Year
26 November
Project Details Client: Narley Construction Date: Online: narleyconstruction.com/ Narley Construction Limited received a Gold award in the House of the
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New Build Photography Solution
102 Ranfurly Road
26 November
Project Details Client: Narley Construction Date: Online: www.narleyconstruction.co.nz Over the course of the build, we capture progress and completion photographs
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Twilight Photo Solution
Ranfurly Road Twilight Shoot
20 November
Project Details Client: Narley Construction Date: November 20, 2019 Online: www.narleyconstruction.co.nz This project was designed to showcase one of Narley
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Photography Solution
After Hours Callout
19 November
Project Details Client: Norwood Date: November 19, 2019 Online: www.norwood.co.nz Norwood has 18 dealerships and two service centres spread across
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Property Website Solution
3 November
Project Details Client: Stratacorp Date: November 3, 2019 Online: www.stratacorp.com Stratacorp is a thriving business with a great team of
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Trades Website Solution
Streamline Service
25 October
Project Details Client: Aline Group Date: October 25, 2019 Online: www.alinegroup.co.nz As New Zealand’s leading supplier of rainwater solutions, Aline
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Commercial Exterior Solution
Stoney Creek
22 October
Project Details Client: BB Construction Date: October 22, 2019 Online: bbconstruction.co.nz/ BB Construction are a talented team of builders that
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Drone Photography Solution
Glass Houses
17 October
Project Details Client: GES Electrical Date: October 17, 2019 Online: www.greaveselectrical.co.nz For this project, Greaves Electrical required completed photos of
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Charity Video Solution
2 October
Project Details Client: Reemi Date: October 2, 2019 Online: www.reemi.org/ We had the privilege of flying to Auckland and working
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